Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Walking, Breathing Miracle - My Nephew Chase

Devin, Donny and Derek - Sep 29th, 2007- Provo, UT
Last year on Sep 29th, 2007, Derek and Devin were baptized and confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The morning was wonderful surrounded by family and friends. When it came time for the confirmation many took part including my 18 year old nephew Chase. What a great experience and great example for my boys. What a sight, all those men who loved and cared about the boys so much, dressed in white shirts exercising the power of the priesthood.
We then enjoyed a get together with everyone with great food and laughs.
Donny’s Mom and Dad spent the night with us so they could attend church with us the next morning. About 1:00 am Donny’s Dad came up the stairs opened the door and said Chase has been in an accident. Chase and his roommate had headed back down to Dixie so they could attend church the next morning. They had rolled the car just south of Nephi. We rushed to the hospital and waited for his arrival. He was alive but in very bad shape. We were able to see him for just a few minutes before he was taken into surgery, he had a crushed skull, but worse then that he had broken his neck. A C3 break. It was a long night, his recovery was not easy but went faster then expected. With many prayers and blessings Chase did recovered.

In the ICU
Devin, Chase and Derek

Chase at home with his Mother Cherie, October 11, 1987
Chase's 19th birthday - just a little over 2 1/2 weeks after
the accident.

Christi, Donny, David, Cherie, Chase, Val, Justin
Sep 16th, 2008 - Mt. Timpanogos Temple
We had the opportunity to go to the temple with our nephew Chase on Tues, Sep 16th, 2008 the night before he reported to the MTC. He will be serving in the Riverside Mission, which bumps into Ashley's old mission area of Anaheim. Miracles still do happen everyday; we can see the Lord's hand in our life. I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood and the power of healing. Chase you're going to do great things! Now go and Serve.

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Tammy and Mark said...

I remember you telling Karen and I about Chase. That is so awesome that he is doing well and is able to go on a mission! Thanks for the update on him.