Monday, September 29, 2008

Lisa's Funny Family Inspired Cartoon

From Lisa's Blog (Lisa is my sister);

Our funny family inspired a funny cartoon, so check it out at BeckstromBuzz. He also has some other "comical" websites, inspired by LDS culture. (Because of this, I'm now re-thinking the idea of going private--I mean, I'm the last person who would want to inhibit our chances at fame.)

From BeckstromBuzz Blog;

I was skimming through the blogosphere the other day, and I came across "Ode to the Owens", and there was one entry that caught my eye: one of her sons said that his ambition as a grownup was to wear a suit. That got me thinking, and I took it to another level. So, props to lisaowens and her progeny for the inspiration!


Lisa said...

Isn't that funny?! Did you check out his "Zarahemla Times"? There's some funny ones on there too. This blogging world is quite the phenomenon.

The Tanners said...

Great LDS humor and to think my daughter and grandson were the inspiration. Thanks Christi for posting it here, and thanks to Lisa for sharing it. Mom

Kevin Beckstrom said...


Thanks for the post, and thanks for the idea. I'm working on something based on your idea right now. If all goes as planned, it should post on the Sunday after conference. I'll let you know!

Kevin Beckstrom said...

OK, it will be up this Sunday morning just after 8 a.m. Pacific Time. Hope you like it!

Christi said...

I love it!! This has been so fun,
Thank you Kevin,