Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Love Fall

I love the Fall season. I always have. Living in Utah we get to enjoy all four seasons (sometimes the winter is too long).
I love the colors, the chill in the air and the beauty of things around me.

In Fresno we attend the Fresno Fair each year, it was a huge Fair with all fun things to see and eat. I miss that, I never realize how great it was until we moved to other places that did not have such a great Fair.

I know I have to slow down to really enjoy the blessings I have. Nature is giving us a gift and yet if we are so busy with other things we miss the gift and the peace it brings.

A road in Fall

Fall Mums in all their color

Fresh, Crisp Apples

Pumpkins - to eat and crave

Fall Leaves

Indian corn


Fall Leaves

Carmel Apples


Sapp Family said...

Carmel Apples are the BEST!!!

Lisa said...

Of course, I love this post. I'm going to steal one of the pictures and use it for my blog. We are still at 98 degrees here, but cooler (78-80) at night...Can you bottle up some fall and send it to me, please? So, I'll be expecting crisp air, red leaves, and the smell of pumpkin in the mail any day... :)